Modern Motherhood 101

Who am I?

Allow me to introduce myself

My name is Masego, aptly known as "Mama Efe." I'm a mother to a healthy, bouncy and feisty baby girl (Efe). I'm a working mother and a business owner. The businesses I own and run are in petroleum, hospitality (restaurants) and training and development. I have experience in investment management and management consulting as well.

Masego on motherhood:

I'm a fairly older mother (considering that the average age for first time motherhood is approximately 19), and so I've enjoyed my life a fair bit before motherhood. Now, things I used to think were standard like a cup of coffee in silence, are honestly what I live for now. I'm here to share my story, the hardships I face and the joyous moments. I want to document it all, if not for nothing, so my daughter can see all the crap I've been through trying to raise her into a responsible citizen of society.

Masego on women empowerment:

I love to mentor women in business. I love to know that women are able to create hustles that provide them some freedom, furthermore financial cushions to provide for their children. I'm passionate about the development of women in business and I understand how hard it can be to balance all of it out. I'm here to help and I intend on talking about some of the issues we as working mothers face, the complexes and side lining that occurs. This is my truth and I anticipate to be the truth of many mothers as well.