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A Walk Through Motherhood

I want to take my audience through various experiences of love, life, motherhood and mamapreneurship. From feeding your baby, to trying to keep your relationship going, sleepless nights and trying to make an income. I hope to be able to guide you through the parenting blog and provide you some fun and laughter as well. I hope to also provide you with small business coaching so you can thrive whilst still making time to watch your babies grow. I will be your advisor and business consultant, I look forward to working with you!

Let's Engage

Part of this challenging yet beautiful process called life, I'd like to share my experiences with you but also hear about yours. Let's have coffee online! Let's chat and we can vent to each other, let's share ideas on this hard and beautiful journey! 

Support & Mom Tribes

One of my hardest challenges was not feeling as though I had much support. I had my mother and friends, but I still felt so lonely. It's always felt taboo to express myself and just be real about what I'm going through. My hope is this parenting blog can provide a safe place for all mothers (young and old) to be able to talk and gain some support. But I also hope to provide small business coaching to all my fellow mamapreneurs who seek an advisor and business consultant.

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